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Information on Rothikgen

Rothikgen is a semi-continent, a mixture of highlands with flowing river and sea areas conjured together within an enshrouding area of tundra. Its inhabitants include humans (and the Keep of Shadows), horse riding clans and the larger races such as giants.

Many generations ago a bold group of settlers set out from Laenor to bring civilization and the word of the Great Kingdom of Men - Agathoria - to the new world. Rumors were that a whole new continent could be found across the seas. After sailing many months, weaving many spells and praying intensely, the settlers reached the shores of what is known as Rothikgen nowadays. Their welcome wasn't warm and the local Horse Chiefs called the Rothiki weren't happy to share their land with newcomers. The name the Rothiki used for themselves was misunderstood by the settlers and garbled to Rothikgen which from then on was used as the continent's name.

Together with a southwestern island, the gaining crescent moon shaped continent holds a vast amount of different land types. While the north and the east shore of the mainland is separated from the rest of the landmass with huge mountains, the west of it is covered with lush forests, endless highlands and large tundras, all intermingled with marshland, small rivers and creeks.

The dream of the settlers under their charismatic leader Duke Silu ended with a harsh awakening. Soon after the founding of the Keep of Shadows, they never heard from Agathoria any more. The shipments stopped and no ships reached the far continent to help the struggling settlers. After Agathoria abandoned the child they had sent out into the unknown, because of a new leader and the increasing costs and dangers involved with such endeavors, Duke Silu decided that it was time to declare independence and declared the whole continent to be part of the new Archduchy Siluria with the Keep of Shadows as its capital. Even after contact was established with Laenor again, Siluria and Agathoria didn't bear a grudge and instead Siluria became known as the new, magical continent far away and some guilds embarked to the new shores.

While the Archduchy claims to span the whole continent, the reality looks a bit different. While the southwestern part of Rothikgen is in the strong hands of the elite knights of Siluria, and their troops, the southeast is protected by the Marquise of the March Donardy. The ruler of March Donardy claims the title of Marquise of Donaru and Princess of Renardy, though in practise she is not much more than a lapdog of the ruling Archduke when it comes to Rothikgen and her claims to Renardy are in title only, though Donaru stays under her strict control.

The Theocracy of Las the Shining lies not far away from the Keep of Shadows and bows to the Archduchy though it is autonomously ruled by the Abbess of the Sisters of Las and her synod. The Theocracy plays an important role when it comes to protecting Rothikgen and the whole world from undead abominations and servants of evil.

Protected, even separated from the rest of the continent and thus the grasp of the Archduchy lie the vast coastal lands in the east and north. These tundra areas and vast shorelines are nearly unexplored by civilization, even though the Archduke would never admit it openly. Alas, no troops of Siluria or Donardy ever dared to venture further to the east or the north, crossing the mountain masses. Rumors amongst the more civilized inhabitants are that there are giants or even speaking penguins in those vast areas which may or may not be true. The only thing that IS known, is that the Clans of Kharim are amongst those sinister beings that roam around these shores and often venture into civilized areas to burn and plunder, even sometimes madly daring to close in on the Keep of Shadows, which is protected by the Shadow Sabres who keep their home safe and secure. These elegant fighters took it upon themselves to serve as the Keep of Shadows guardians and defenders, enjoying the thrill and seeing to it that unrest and crime are kept to a minimum within the city walls.

With the Clans of Kharim threatening the Archduchy from the east and north, the original inhabitants of Rothikgen are waging war with the Silurian Generals and their troops in the northwest. Strong currents and tricky whirlpools between the tips of the crescent shaped continent hinders the Archduke's fleet to embark on an attack across the sea, leaving the landway to try to push back the Rothiki who are ruling the Northwest of Rothikgen.

The Khanate Rothiki (also called the Eternal Ride of Rothiki) under the current Grand Khan and his Horselords is consisting of an illustrious combination of races and life styles. While a majority of the Rothiki are riding further every day, never being in the same place for more than a few days, their wives and priests form villages using slash and burn farming to create enough fields to feed the hungry riders. These villages stay in place till the soil quality gets too poor as decided by their priest caste and then journeys onwards, searching for a new piece of virgin forest to burn and transform to fields.

The local population of wolfmen who seem to stem from Rothikgen originally are often part of the Rothiki's lifestyle.

A peculiarity in the wild ride of the proud people is their respect of The Quackdom of Feathersea, a hierarchically run state of ducks, spanning the entire Feathersea, the biggest lake in Rothikgen. Though surrounded by the Rothiki and the clans of Kharim, the Quackdom managed to stay independent, even having an Ambassador in the Keep of Shadows, though the Archduke doesn't officially recognize Feathersea.

To the southwest of the main continent lies the Barony Meadowsweet covering the entire island of the same name, ruled by the lord protector with the title of a baron, currently the younger brother of the Archduke.

Ruling the seas and the Barony with iron grip, the Baron tamed the locals in the name of the Archduke who never even set foot on Meadowsweet. As Meadowsweet holds the lighthouse that guides the ferries from the old continents to Rothikgen, the Baron's power is not to be underestimated. Sailing around the Barony on his ship, he also serves as the chief of Rothikgen's sea force. Like everything in the Archduchy, theory is differing a bit from reality. While the south of Meadowsweet and most of its shoreline are controlled by the Baron, rogue tribes of smallfolk (mainly brownies, but also halflings, leprechauns, gnomes and sprites) wander through the inner parts of Meadowsweet more or less undisturbed, enjoying the lush plains and forests. This stems mainly from the fact that the vast majority of the Baron's forces are naval and him neither caring or daring to venture further. Formally the whole island is belonging to the Barony and thus to the Archduchy even though chances are high that a random sprite met in a forest has never even heard of Siluria.

Rumors have it that the Baron has become more and more unhappy with his brother's ruling style and has started to grasp for more power recently.