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Skill: Bladed fury

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Offensive skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
Strength & Dexterity
It uses 28 endurance points.

The ability rangers most pride themselves in, is their prowess with edged weapons, either swords, or axes. A true master can use his weapon to strike his opponent with unequaled fury. With the proper training, a ranger can become one with his weapon, making it an extension of his arm. Through this harmony with his weapon, the ranger is able to carve through his foes, like he was a machine.

Since this skill is considered the pinnacle of Ranger combat might, it relies on lots things - including, but not limited to, used weapon, agility, the capability for mayhem in general.. Heck, old rumours say that serious Rangers can even deduce something of the opponents resistances against certain damagetypes from the bladed fury only, after adding a shove and a nice, painful kick to the adversary's head.

Also, trying to hit things with treesized axes while not being very good at hitting things with pointy items - not a smart idea.

Bladed fury is available in the following guild: