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Skill: Calm animal

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Neutral skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
It uses 25 endurance points.

One of the most difficult tasks the beastmaster can attempt is the task of taming a creature too wild and too savage for the civlized races to domesticate. Such creatures as lions and bears have a tendency to attack any invader on sight, which makes the arduous task of breaking their spirit not merely difficult but life-threatening. As such, the bravest and most dedicated of beastmasters learn the art of calming such creatures, stopping their attacks so the taming process can begin. The same skill is also useful for calming a mount that has, for some reason or other, become angered against its owner. To use this skill with any hope of success, the beastmaster must appear as non-threatening to the animal as possible.

Calm animal is available in the following guild: