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Skill: Create staff

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Neutral skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
It uses 200 endurance points.

This skill allows the mage to create a wizards staff from an existing staff or wand, or transfer new stats from another staff to their previously created staff. The normal stats of the item are saved in the transformation. Normal stats are the ones shown on identify. usage: use create staff at <item> [from <source>]

example: Our friend Sancran is fed up with the stats of his current staff staff, Mjollnir, and has aqcuired himself a delicate rosary for that purpose. He has checked that the rosary counts as a 'wand' and is therefore suitable for this skill. Sancran now has two options, he could:
1) use create staff at delicate rosary To create a new staff, but then he would have two staves, one with powers he has so very hard work to gain, and one with the stats he desires. But he wants those powers to combine in one item, which leads to the second option:

2) use create staff at mjollnir from delicate rosary By doing this he retains the current power of his staff, but it will have new stats, those of the delicate rosary. The rosary will be lost in the process.

Do note another example: This time demonstrated by tale by our friend Hurin. Hurin has a staff, that sparkles magically whenever he holds it. When it is not held, it is only a stick. Hurin does not identify the staff while not holding it, and thus opts to craft a magic wand out of an inert stick. Don't be like Hurin. Always identify an item before using it to create a staff.

Mage's staff is a personal item and can be only used by the creator.

Create staff is available in the following guild: