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Skill: Daunting presence

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Neutral skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
It uses 5 endurance points.

With this skill you spread fear into the ranks of the undead and evil, making them less likely to hit you. The effect itself is automatically on at all times once you turn it on. You can check how much you can train this skill with target 'check'. There is also an option to ask a ghost to add some injury to those who dare to attack you anyway. Use the skill with the ghost's name as target, or current for selected ghost to activate this mode, and use the skill with target release or release at target's name to punish them.

While most consider undead as fearless warriors, the Order of Ghost Liberator Paladins knows better. Even the fiercest undead has its weaknesses, and this skill manipulates those flaws. Normally a paragon of goodness is the favourite target of all evil, but this skill creates an aura of power so great that this hate turns to fear and avoidance. Not only does this aura spread fear to the hearts and empty places where normally there is a heart of evildoers, it can actually deliver a mighty punishing blow to those who dare to attack anyway. This rare skill is only available to train in the spiritworld.

Usage: use daunting presence (toggles on/off) use daunting presence at on (forces on) use daunting presence at check use daunting presence at <ghost name> (activates punishment) use daunting presence at current (use selected ghost) use daunting presence at release (at current target in combat) use daunting presence at release at <target>

Daunting presence is available in the following guild: