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Skill: Ghost army assault

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Offensive skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
It uses 42 endurance points.

This skill temporarily releases all your ghosts to assault all the evil targets in the room. Your partymembers are safe, though. After the assault, the commanding ghost gathers all the ghosts and returns the control to you. This maneuver is very draining for the commanding ghost.

This attack is very close to necromancy, and thus it is hated by nuns. Despite the fact that it only harms evil creatures, nuns view this sudden release of ghosts to harm people very evil. This has never let the 'necropaladins', as nuns call the order of ghost liberator paladins, from using this very efficient technique. It is always a glorious sight to see a horde of skeletons ripped from bone to bone apart by ghost forces. The attack was first used by none other than the founding father of the order, Samuel de Montfort, during his last crusades before his untimely departure.

Usage: use ghost army assault

Ghost army assault is available in the following guild: