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Skill: Ghost channeling

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Neutral skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
It uses 38 endurance points.

With this skill you can channel the ability of a ghost through your body. Only the wise and likable people can wrest out the most of this ability. Channeling ghosts has its risks, as any starting necromancer soon finds out, but these risks are minimal for ghost liberators, since the ghosts usually are willing to help.

This is it, the foundation of ghost liberators. Samuel de Montfort started as a ghost channeler, performing at parties and fairs, until he channeled a powerful paladin through him. The experience was life-changing. The ghost paladin led de Montfort to his dead body, and sure enough, his blade and armour were still intact. Gone was the easy life of a charlatan, and the days of ghost liberators had begun. It is not sure how much of the ghost liberation movement is the invention of de Montfort, and how much of it was ghost possession, but since ghost liberation is more about the ends than the means, who cares?

Usage: use ghost channeling use ghost channeling at <suitable target for the power>

Ghost channeling is available in the following guild: