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Skill: Ghost slash

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Offensive skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
It uses 32 endurance points.

Ghost slash is the primary offensive skill of ghost liberators. The slash is a combination of hits, some mundane and some magical, but all the damage originates from the blade used, so choosing your weapon to suit your opponent is wise. This technique uses other lesser techniques taught by the guild as its base, so all-round training is required to take full advantage of this skill. Since part of the attack is to channel a ghost to smite your enemy, the skill works better against evil targets, but the mundane part of the combination deals damage even to good people - at the cost of angering the ghost.

The skill was created by the original ghost liberator, Samuel de Montfort, with the help of ghost of a warrior chief, a direct descendant of the once noble northern warriors, Markus Morgansson. Together they combined the savage assault of northern warriors with the ghost channeling de Montfort had a little earlier mastered. The skill lacks style, but is crudely effective. Other holy warriors scorned de Montfort for using cheap tricks and unfair kicking, but the skill stayed in the repertoire of ghost liberators.

Usage: use 'ghost slash' <monster>

Ghost slash is available in the following guild: