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Skill: Tinkering

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Neutral skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
It uses 30 endurance points.

Tinkering! Quick fingers and a keen mind can create gadgets out of various materials and objects. Controlling what exactly is created is quite difficult, but such is gnomic life!

use tinkering at <obj1>,<obj2>,<obj3> spend <minutes>

Components can be pretty much whatever. There are some limitations. They must be on the ground in the room with you.

The time spent tinkering is announced in minutes, the range is 20-600 minutes. You cannot do much else while tinkering, but you can end the process at any point - it'll cost you the materials though.

The created gadget is affected by at least the following things: starting materials (the three objects), time spent tinkering, your profiency in tinkering skill, your level, your background, your gender, your name, the moon, the weather, the season, the time, what you have eaten, who's your daddy and the current leading guild.

Example: use tinkering at sword,shoe,bag spend 60

Tinkering is available in the following guild:
Inventor (gnome)