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Skill: Upgrade item

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Neutral skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
It uses 40 endurance points.

Stoves, furniture, books, lanterns -- every item eventually starts to show wear and tear. Parts fray, leak, or don't move like they're supposed to. This skill lets an experienced handyman replace broken, badly-fitting, or damaged components with better ones, improving the item's quality. Skill and components needed vary by target's starting quality:
Exceptional+ needs 51% skill and one strip of primal material. Good+ needs 26% skill and 10kg divine material. Standard- needs 10kg exceptional material. No 'parts' are needed. Each item can be upgraded up to three times -- worse items can be upgraded more than better ones. Each upgrade 'tier' goes up to a maximum 5 out of 5, and must be completed before the next one can start. The effect the merchant can give is based on this skill chance, repair item skill chance, int score, and their mastery of the material of the item. Syntax: use upgrade item at <item> The item can be in the merchant's inventory, or on the floor. The materials and all required tools must be in the merchant's inventory.

Upgrade item is available in the following guild: