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Skill: Alloying

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Neutral skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
It uses 30 endurance points.

One of the most circulated tales and legends, is the child's story of a girl, who was given the ability to turn straw into gold. Other legends hint that others may have found ways to turn iron, or other worthless material into gold or similar valuable substances. Through the ages, there has been some study using magic and even the new studies into what some call science, or non-magical magic, that deal with the properties of substances. One of the results of these studies, is the ability to take different substances, and through refinement, create a totally different substance.

Realworld usage:
You can alloy two or more materials to form a new material. You must put all the materials into a workbench of the appropriate type.

Skill usage:
use alloying at <mat1>,<mat2>,...,<mat_n> in <bench>

use alloying at gold,silver in forge use alloying at iron,silver,gold,dukonium in forge use alloying at silk,leather in loom

Alloying is available in the following guilds: