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Skill: Exchange money

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Neutral skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
It uses 20 endurance points.

Physical wealth can be not only hard to accumulate, but also can become hard to handle. Riches in small currencies, gold or lower, are very difficult to handle. Large chests of gold are very cumbersome to move. Fortunately there are metals which are more valuable then gold, and there are people who are more then happy to take their cut to exchange it. It's not completely understood where they take the coins and exchange them, but they get it done, and their results in platinum, mithril and the like, are accepted at face value throughout the realms.

The following are the best types of coins you can come up with at any, depending on your skill%

5% - zinc 10% - tin 20% - copper 25% - bronze 40% - silver 50% - gold 70% - platinum 80% - anipium 90% - batium 95% - mithril

Exchange money is available in the following guild: