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Skill: Swamp cultivation

Skill duration:
Type of skill:
Neutral skill
Party rows:
Affecting stats:
It uses 10 endurance points.

From the early times even before the Church of Triadism had been founded, the worshippers respected their god by tending the swamps. The early devotees took care of the swamp and made sure it flourished. As Curath murdered his brother Galean, the blood was spilled to the swamp. With this blood, the Great Swamp gave birth to Burglefloogah. The triadists who worship Burglefloogah do this same thing. They use poisons and mixtures of blood to grow bad seeds and satomalums on the swamp. The most skilled triadists who know the most about swamp cultivation are able to grow both satomalums and bad seeds more rapidly than others.

Swamp cultivation is available in the following guild: