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Spell: Bulwark of death

Casting time:
6 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'scutum mortia'

The slaads gazed at the hideous thing that stood there at the rocky highlands with a sword in his hand. There was contempt in their eyes as this ugly thing physically resembled like one of their own. It was their enemy known as the Bulwark of Lorenchia, the troll Grundor, who played a crucial role in forming the Lorenchian Guard. As Grundor and his men decimated the slaads, only few were left. They were driven back to the swamp where they were consoled by the denizens of the darkness. Even today Grundor's accursed name instills fear to the soul of slaads, but the world of men is not the only one with great defenders. The shunned of the underworld have champions of their own and bulwarks come in many form. This prayer of death bestows the protective power of the mummies upon the target but has some drawbacks as it temporarily drains the vitality of the person who is beneficiary of this spell and its drawbacks last longer than its benefits unless the spell is renewed. However, some talented gypsy clerics have learned a way to renew the aging cells, thus reversing some of its ill effects.

Bulwark of death is available in the following guild: