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Spell: Channelburn

Casting time:
3 rounds
Cast type:
Damage type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'grhagrhagrhagrah gra gra Hyaa!'

After learning the secrets of controlling the flow of raw magic, the next easiest energy source to channel into being is fire. It takes only a little effort to twist energy into heat. The caster creates small but concentrated packets of firey energy, throwing them as quickly as they materialize before they disperse. While these packets are not terribly easy to control, their sheer number makes up for the lack of accuracy with sheer knock-down force. Unlucky targets are even set ablaze, and many times the target's corpse (if any remains) is concealed by a cloud of smoke and ash.

Channelburn is available in the following guild: