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Spell: Forbidden wards

Casting time:
5 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'hena xai anissai'

The sun bid farewell and welcomed the twilight. Adriora sighed in relief. She had lost the oppressors who were chasing her. She looked at the opal that the garnet crow had shown her. It glistened in moonlight towards the starlit sky. The strange item's hypnotic effect made her fall asleep almost instantly. As she woke up, she noticed that the garnet crow was still there. It was sitting there on a tree branch watching her through the night, as if it was her own guardian angel sent to her by Heliana. Adriora was thirsty. The morning dew had turned the forest moist and there was just enough of water for her to collect before she continued to walk through the forest until she arrived to an open field. She could see the Shouting Mountains in the horizon as she was approaching Serinna. Then suddenly she heard sounds of horses galloping in the distance. Adriora turned around and saw six riders approaching her with their ranseurs ready. The riders surrounded Adriora. The leader of the riders spoke to Adriora: "It's too late now. There is no way out.", but then the garnet crow spoke: "You fools!" The riders looked at the talking crow in disbelief when it spoke again: "This is sacred ground. You're forbidden to be here." and with that second the dry stalks of grass were on fire burning intensely hot, driving the horses into panic. As the riders were fighting to control their horses Adriora ran as fast as she could without looking back. But had she looked, she would have noticed that there was no longer anything to run away from.

Forbidden wards is available in the following guild: