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Spell: Ghost chill

Casting time:
2 rounds
Cast type:
Damage type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'itsy bitsy chill'

While mostly melee-oriented guild, ghost liberators have two offensive spells. This is the second one. The spell imbues the target with ghost chill. The chill is harmless to weapons, or actually it gives the weapon the ability to deal the same damage types as the spell. To other targets it is not so harmless - it can freeze and shatter bones and really mess your head. You need a ghost to do the chill, and the ghost is drained but possibly not lost in the process. It is also worth noting that this spell costs some health to cast at an opponent - the angry ghost rarely returns without lashing at the caster, too.

"First I felt a little chill. It grew to a proper frostbite-cold, nothing out of the ordinary chill touch yet - and then suddenly it was as if someone with chilling claws tried to wrest my brains out of my skull. Nightmarish toughts filled my head. It was horrible, I say, horrible." described one of the first victims of this spell the feeling the ghost chill gave. While practically useless against undead, this spell can send a living man into shivering stupor. Some members of the order even refuse to use this offensive spell because of the ghastly nature of it. It has maintained its position in the teaching lists mostly because it can also be used in a bit less hostile manner - you can cast the spell onto a weapon, and the weapon will deliver small bits of this ghost chill to the target.

Usage: cast ghost chill at <target>

Ghost chill is available in the following guild: