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Spell: Ghost sword

Casting time:
5 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'kakkosnelonen'

This spell transforms the selected ghost into a ghost sword, a magical tool of divine retribution. The sword is personal, and the ghost leaves your ghost army in the process of sword creation.

'Always be prepared.' Sometimes people forget these words of wisdom. For those who misplace or lose their swords, or simply come unprepared, ghost sword offers an excellent way to arm themselves properly to meet the challenges. Powerful ghosts yield powerful blades, and some people even prefer to fight with a ghost sword instead of a real blade.

The spell originates from co-operation of Samuel de Montfort and the ghost of a noble dwarven weaponsmith, who had been killed by an undead horde of zombies. The ghost told de Montfort that now in afterlife he could fabricate a sword so sharp no zombie could stand more than a single hit from the blade. De Montfort combined the power of this spell with the skill of the ghost, and a blade was crafted. There was plenty of zombie-slaying, and finally the ghost of the weaponsmith was laid to rest as the blade vanished.

Usage: cast ghost sword at <sword type>

Available sword types: longsword, katana, falchion, bastard sword, no-dachi, claymore, flamberge and 2h sword.

Ghost sword is available in the following guild: