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Spell: Gluttony

Casting time:
3 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'tastes and delights of nether star, served by thy host Draen-Dalar'

As Lucy and Emily arrived at the edge of the forest they saw a big brown bear eating carcasses of wild horses that it had mauled to death. They were watching the bear carefully from a distance as it was gorging to satisfy its hunger. They sat there for hours but the bear kept on eating and its hunger was never satisfied. When Lucy and Emily continued their journey they felt bad for the bear. Gluttony is considered to be one of the more serious sins. Some even consider that gluttony can be a gateway to cannibalism while especially the unholiest unliving ones serving Draen-Dalar use this spell to indulge their humane desires.

Gluttony is available in the following guilds: