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Spell: Holy lance

Casting time:
1 rounds
Cast type:
Damage type:
Spell Point Cost:
(int)/5 + (wis)/5
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'Sancte Di'

Holy Lance was first discovered by Sister Broqyanne who found a way to mold the Holy Power into the shape of lightning, striking its foe with great speed. The lightning-like shape made the focal point small thus piercing even the strongest dark defences. She soon discovered that the damage component was rather small but the piercing effect left the foe vulnerable to Holy Force for a short period of time. She soon took this new art into effective use by first lancing her foe a couple of times or more and then using more damaging spells like Dispel Undead or Dispel Evil to exploit the exposed weakness. She would then lance the foe from time to time to keep it vulnerable to Holy Force. This lance-bolting technique Sister Broqyanne developed also had another great effect. By blasting the weakened foe she was able to gain illuminated state, channeling enormous amounts of Holy Power into even more sharp holy lightning, literally splitting her foe into half. Sister Broqyanne, now a powerful Saint was a gifted and fearsome nun. She was widely known to hunt down the biggest, slimiest and nastiest of monsters.

Holy lance is available in the following guild: