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Spell: Jesters trivia

Casting time:
2 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'Green skins, white skins, black skins, purple skins. Big minds, small minds, dumb minds, silly minds. Can you see through yourself, I care not, for I can. I can see what you wear and what you bear, disguised or not, you're a book for me to read.'

Curiosity was a dominant trait in Loremaster Laaban's character. He wanted to know things that not many cared for, but there was a problem; not always would people open their minds to him for a peek. He would not falter though, not give up, and his insistence resulted in a new song to be sung by all the curious bards.

Hint: type 'bjester'.

Jesters trivia is available in the following guild: