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Spell: Last rites

Casting time:
3 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'Ab sinestris, mortum demitteri'

Through the ages, priests have been able to develop a way, with the help of their Dark Gods, to transfer strength when in dire need, based on their teachings in the harming arts. From its limited beginnings as a tool to protect themselves at the last moment, the priests have been able to increase the power and focus of this spell. By chanting an evil incantation the priests invokes the Dark Gods to help him when he is about to engage in combat. The spell does so by assisting those who are helping the priest in spread harm in the name of their Gods. Whenever the target's instinct is to flee from his aggressor, this evil prayer calls upon the strength of the priest to allow him to continue his fight. Although the Dark Gods do not pleasure intervention into the mortal realm often, they will do so on occasion. Also, at times the Dark Gods may be inclined to aid their priests to astonishing degrees.

Last rites is available in the following guilds: