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Spell: Pathfinder

Casting time:
5 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'Fo fu fe fum, Lord of the Winds, I know Thy ways, I know Thy names, I know Thy rest. Fo fu fe fum, show me paths or slay me now. Fo fe fi fum.'

A pathfinder's way is like no other man's way; either it leads to destruction or happiness. Wandering bards have often been known to find their way home even from the deepest of jungles and forests. A rumour goes that it is not safe, though. Not from many mouths have I heard this, but some say that the dangers could be evaded with a feather of the efreeti - why, no knowledge has been whispered to my ears. I do hear such items to be sold by Dwarkil, of Shadowkeep. Experiment with your own risk, certain death awaits? -- Amarth Shadowstring targets: keep, inn or nothing for start location.

Pathfinder is available in the following guild: