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Spell: Protect weapon

Casting time:
10 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'blueeeeeeeeeee****saka??am!a'

While weapons are used to inflict death upon one's foe, the very weapon itself may be subject to harm. Only the most durable, and usually magically enchanted, weapons are unbreakable, and this quality of weapon is very rare indeed. Most weapons if not used properly, or through some freak accident, may fail during battle. Weapons may splinter, crack, or even shatter under the extreme rigors of combat. Magical spells may offer some protection giving the wielder of that weapon a little more peace of mind, knowing that he is less likely to find himself without his trusty sword, when the time comes where he needs it most.

Protect weapon is available in the following guild: