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Spell: Shapechange

Casting time:
6 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: '!('

Druids, who have become attuned to nature and its inhabitants, are able to call on the patron gods who favor the animals. Certain gods take the form of animals when they visit this realm, to better serve their interests. Magical spells are taught to druids which grants them power from that god and gives the abilty to change into the form that god takes when he decides to walk among the mortals. Bears, owls, unicorns, and shrikes are a few of the choices one may attempt to change into. Rumours tell that masterful casters can also change their shape to panther, wolf, tortoise, ape, parrot or monkey. This is only a temporary change, lest one become trapped in the form of an animal, while useful is not a desirable effect to become permanent.

Shapechange is available in the following guild: