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Spell: Singing shepherd

Casting time:
5 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'Squirrel in the dirt, squirrel in the pool, squirrel don't get hurt, trying to stay cool!'

After a rough night out with Masterbard Captnapalm, Loremaster Laaban was writing poetry (because that is the kind of thing that bards do, and elven chicks dig it). Three liters of water and a lot of greasy food helped, and finally the following poem was born:

Squirrel in the dirt, Squirrel in the pool. Squirrel don't get hurt, Trying to stay cool.

After seeing this magnum opus (a masterpiece; bards like to use fancy words for reasons mentioned above) Masterbard Qurp got so depressed that he had but one option - to write a brand new song. He couldn't quite get Laaban's cool squirrels out of his head, though.

Singing shepherd is available in the following guild: