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Spell: Venturers way

Casting time:
5 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: '..a few steps to earthen might, a few steps just go ahead me, but do I walk the right direction, is it here or there? Just a few steps, left or right. Spirits are what show the sight.'

'We still have to press on', said the heavily breathing slaver. 'But alas, our prisoners cannot take any longer and either can we', telepathed the young beholder-kin. 'So we end the day's march here, ensure that our accompanions will not try anything, and CEASE the one playing the lute.', the monster instructed forward. Not a moment after heavy masses of a hundred slaves started bashing forward with renewed strength. 'Draen-dalar curse us, they are revolting', were the last words of the slaver before numbing blackness caught him..

Venturers way is available in the following guild: