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Spell: Despair

Casting time:
8 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'silent moon sour mood'

Hugo's health had deteoriorated considerably. He was coughing aggressively and spitting phlegm from his mouth. Annabella poured mead to Hugo. Hugo took a sip from the tankard. His forehead was sweating as a result of coughing. Coughing hurt and was physically challenging to him. Hugo ate extremely little. Swallowing had become difficult and for this reason he was eating mainly soups. When the evening arrived, weakened Hugo withrew into his bedroom. Annabella looked at her father who was sleeping restful sleep. Jonas stood by her side. Annabella was sniveling. Such is the nature of despair that it takes away one's willingness to continue living. Despair is similar to the spell mellon collie that it prevents one from using all their strength and capacities. Despair also feeds from harm and each harmful spell increases the effect of the spell. It's also known that proficiency in the spell mellon collie helps when casting despair as does the charisma of the caster.

Despair is available in the following guild: