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Spell: Disruption

Casting time:
1 rounds
Cast type:
Damage type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'fzz zur fehh'

One of the more specialized forms of magic that was studied, was trying to find a way to defeat armour. While most attempts involved conjuring forces that would either disregard, or overpower any type of physical protection worn by the target. However, a small group of mages who studied alchemy, dwelved into conjuring acidic attacks that would not only cause damage to the target, but damage to his armour as well. The spell disruption, while not a true acid forming spell, shows the basis for the magic studies into this field. By magically attacking the structure of the target and disrupting it, it could be made unstable, and weak.

Disruption is available in the following guilds: