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Spell: Psychic crush

Casting time:
4 rounds
Cast type:
Damage type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'tora tora tora'

One of the most dangerous forms of attack used by psionicists, is a powerful spell called 'psychic crush.' Using their minds, they obtain their opponents mind, and put it in a mental 'grasp.' Once this is locked in, they use their power to create a mental force that attacks their foe's mind, virtually crushing it from the fury of the attack. Tremendous damage is suffered as the attack overloads the victim's mind. The magnitude of the attack is great enough that the nervous system also undergoes a great deal of duress, sometimes causing the victim to remain helpless for a few moments after the attack as he loses control of his body as his mind attempts to clear itself after the attack.

Psychic crush is available in the following guild: