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Spell: Psychic shout

Casting time:
4 rounds
Cast type:
Damage type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'omm zur semen gnatlnamauch'

Psionicsts are not limited to attacking single targets. One method of attack that can affect more then one target is a psychic 'shout.' This involves the caster, creating with his mind, a large burst of mental energy that is released into surroundings. This mental energy attacks the mind of anyone who happens to be in the target area. This spell is refered to as a 'shout,' due to the loud verbal command needed to execute this spell. Once the command is uttered, the effects are instantaneous, making it seem like the verbal command, or shout, is the cause of the damage to the targets, not the mental portion of the spell.

Psychic shout is available in the following guild: