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Spell: Sands of time

Casting time:
7 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'sayora maradan edio cor tempora'

The name for the spell was given by Sawar of Taegor, who was one of the disciples of Valian Loranha and Eidein Syxoph. When Sawar started researching the spell from the old books, he was already over 100 years old. His much younger students were very eager to learn the spell, but they didn't have the wisdom to understand the cryptic words of the old books. Thus they turned to Sawar. Sawar on the other hand wasn't in very good health back then, mostly because of his old age. His younger students were worried that he might die before he was able to learn the spell and teach its mysteries to them as well. Sawar was aware of this and once he learned the spell, he humorously gave the spell its name "sands of time", referring to an hourglass and his health condition. Thus the spell itself has little to do with time. But the spell that Sawar's students learned was very valuable. It made them more powerful when cast upon an enemy. What made the spell even more powerful was that the more powerful the enemy was, the more powerful the students also felt themselves. And the weaker the enemy got, the more powerful the students once again grew. Although the students had been worried of Sawar's old age and health, he still lived a few years, before he passed away in the old age of 113 years.

Sands of time is available in the following guild: