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Spell: Spellteaching

Casting time:
24 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'moon fiksu, soot tyhma - opi tasta taika'

This spell allows you to teach a spell to another player. Taught spell can be used once. Casting % of the spell is about as low as the teachers casting % of that spell. This spell is stackable. Taught spell must be cast within 10 minutes of learning the spell. You can't teach spellteaching.

This spell may also be used by the members of the psionic council to allow other psionicists to study spells from them permanently almost as if they were in the guild.

cast spellteaching at <target> with <spellname> cast spellteaching Example:
cast spellteaching at anipa with heal - this example teaches anipa the heal-spell. cast spellteaching - this allows other psionists in the same room with you to 'study' from you, provided you are a member of the psionic council.

Spellteaching is available in the following guild: