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Spell: Unholy matrimony

Casting time:
4 rounds
Cast type:
Spell Point Cost:
Affecting stats:
Spell Vocals: 'I beseech thy wisdom my lord'

The dowry had been discussed by her family and Shana stood by the altar, wondering if she had what it takes to go through with the wedding while she knew deep in her heart that there was someone else she had devoted her life to. There were no mortal men competing for her heart. It was was the overlord of darkness himself that she had vowed her life to. She couldn't hold her tongue anymore. Reluctantly she explained her conviction causing embarrassment to the groom and his family. And just like Curath had stabbed Galean out of jealousy, the groom grabbed his dagger and plunged the dagger through her chest. Shana collapsed, becoming unconscious. As the wedding guests rushed to help her they noticed something peculiar. She was calmly asleep, breathing, and despite the newly inflicted wound, the bride of Draen-Dalar wasn't bleeding either.

Unholy matrimony is available in the following guilds: