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24 Jun 2006 18:52
For the next month or so, I will be testing a different approach to newbie eq
making. At the end of that month, I'll look at the results and decide if it
should be removed, changed, or made permanent.

A few NPCs called "enchanters" have been placed on the world map near the
Newbie Village. Newbies can follow the tasks assigned to them to endow item
powers (such as +str or +fire damage) to non-magical armour and weapons (such
as merchant made ones). The idea is that true newbie eq in BatMUD is not that
common, and this will serve as a patch to help newbies make a newbie eq set to
help them on their way to getting "real" eq.

The eq made this way is of low strength, as befits the newbies able to make it
(it will register to the ID spell as "insignificant" at first anc can be
advance to at most "slightly"). Only the newbie who makes it can use it, so it
cannot be sold, sacrificed, traded or stolen (well you can steal it, but
there's not much point).
The enchanters will require the newbies who want this eq to perform several
tasks, and the better the result, the harder the tasks. I'm sure that newbies
will ask for help from other, more experienced BatMUD veterans, including the
newbie helpers.

Players level 61 or higher are not invited to participate. This system is made
for newbies who can't make their own because the level-appropriate eq is rare
and/or raped for cash. If you're level 61 or higher, there is enough
+moderately or better eq out there, and you don't need this system.

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