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19 May 2010 15:22
The sword decay process stirred up many questions and
some of them were very good and I had overlooked one
thing in the process and modified it now. So here's
a short summary how the decay process works:

- Decay process is real life time.
- Each sword will eventually begin to lose its power,
each sword will have the minimum of two real life
years before they start to decay (I uptuned the
amount from one year to two years!!)
- Quality of the sword increases the time how long
it takes for the sword to decay. High quality
sword might prolong the beginning of the
decay process to even four years or more, just
as an example.
- When under the effect of losing qualities, the
sword gets (fading) text in short description.
- When the decay process begins, the weapon will
slowly start losing all of its qualities, thus
getting weaker. These effects take place
only when you're playing and using the sword.
- The weapons stored at the armourer won't be
affected by the decay process. This I had
overlooked and have now fixed. If you're spending
a month in Tahiti, feel free to store your
sword to Zela and gain that one month for
free. It's allowed and not considered
abusing the system. If you don't take me with you
to Tahiti, that's nearing the borders of
what is considered abuse.
- Sheathed swords are under effect of the
decay process.
- When reincarnating, the sword is automatically
stored to armourer and becomes immune to
the effects of time.
- IMPORTANT: At the moment all swords (even the
ones at armourer) are affected by the decay process.
To make it so that the other swords are not
affected when they're stored to armourer, you need
to go to Zela and re-store them. (store current
sword, request another, store another, request
your old one back). This is a technical issue
and can't be done using any other way.

Let's hope this answered at least some of your questions. :)

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