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Help: Coding in bat

Short info about the type of language BatMud uses in its code ============================================================= BatMud (like other LPMuds) uses an object-orientated language called LPC in its internal objects. LPC (derived from Lars Pensj| C) is somewhat similar to the C-language as far as syntax is concerned, one of the main differences being the object-orientation. There would be no way a Mud could utilize normal code since all objects interact with each other and any modification to code would otherwise require recompilation of almost the entire mud unless a database was in use. The object-orientated code doesn't have a specific beginning nor an end. When an object is first accessed a function called reset is called enabling the coder to define what type of object we are talking about. LPC also enables the coder to make his objects inherit, i.e. use, another object. That way there is no need to write the entire code for a weapon each time someone wants to add a new weapon to the game. As stated earlier, an object doesn't have a definite starting- or endingpoint. Instead the object has a set of functions in it which are called a various times. For info about what the LPC language really looks like and how it works read the FAQ about LP. Documents about LPC are also available by FTP from in /pub/lpmud/doc Why this helppage? Well, mainly because mortals have been asking what kind of language is used when coding stuff for BatMud. For those who dream about some day joining the immortals I recommend that you read through the docs mentioned above since knowing how to code LPC is a must for a mud-coder. Without LPC and wizards who are able to code in it there would be no BatMud.

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