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# .___ __ .__ # __| _/____ ____ _____ _/ |_|__| ____ ____ ______ # / __ |/ _ \ / \\__ \\ __\ |/ _ \ / \ / ___/ # / /_/ ( <_> ) | \/ __ \| | | ( <_> ) | \\___ \ # \____ |\____/|___| (____ /__| |__|\____/|___| /____ > # \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ # # (for awarding and supporting BatMUD's continuation through the years) # # ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # Important notice: # # BatMUD is free and without warranty or guarantee of # accuracy, reliability or security. # ----------------------------------------------------------------------- G U I D E T O D O N A T I N G BatMUD accepts donations via PayPal (EUR, USD) or CoinPayments (crypto currencies) - Please note that you must log in to the website using your character name and password to do so. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE: You MUST use the link for donating! If you donate directly from PayPal/CoinPayments, the automation system does _NOT_ work and you need to contact Amarth. This may take time. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For donations over 100eur, you also have the possibility to donate using an international bank transfer, IBAN. PayPal donations are processed immediately; CoinPayments take some hours to process; IBAN transfers are processed once per month as a rule of thumb. See below for further information. It will be possible to donate until further notice. HOW TO DONATE ? - - - - - - - - Read 'help donate-text' You must agree to the (legal) content and reasoning before making a donation to the Balanced Alternative Techniques ry. We suggest that you take some time too fully comprehend the text. Agreeing to it is Mandatory, though you don't need to send it to us. Do not donate, if you disagree with the 'help donate-text'. Also, remember that playing BatMUD is absolutely free of charge, you are NOT required to donate anything to the game. Please read the text at the donate page ( also carefully. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donate FAQ: (*) How do I donate? There are three alternatives. For donations under 100e, you must always use PayPal or CoinPayments ( For donations over 100e, you may use IBAN, but PayPal/CoinPayments are preferred (and are processed much more quickly). Making an IBAN transfer at your bank: Choose "IBAN" transfer (international banking account number) IBAN: FI65 5780 0720 2362 77 To: Balanced Alternative Techniques ry SWIFT (BIC): OKOYFIHH Bank address: HELSINGIN OP PANKKI OYJ ARKADIAN KONTTORI Arkadiankatu 23 00100 Helsinki Finland Balanced Alternative Techniques ry (recipient) 578007-20236277 (recipient account number) (*) What will my donations be used for? Since BatMUD operates via a registered non-profit entity ("ry"), it's bound by law to utilize all incoming assets for the purpose(s) set forth in the entity charter. In practise, your donations will be used for buying new hardware when needed, paying for electricity, Internet-connectivity etc. (*) How about the legal side? Balanced Alternative Techniques ry ("B.A.T. ry") is officially registered in the "Joint corporate information system" of the National Board of Patents and Registration and the Tax Administration of Finland. It is registered under the Business ID 1765719-9 and is entered into the tax prepayment register. The organization submits tax return information and forms to the authorities as required by law (on a yearly basis), based on accounting information that is validated by an officially certified & accepted auditor. (*) What about the awards? The donates will be awarded upon the actual amount of Euros arriving via PayPal. For cryptocurrency donates, the awards are based on their Euro value at time of payment. (*) Can I donate for someone ? At this point, we have little to comment on this. If you owe someone money which he is going to donate or something, that is the business between you two and does not concern Bat. Online donations using Paypal are always personal. (*) I'm waiting for my donation to arrive, when does it? The PayPal & CoinPayments donation systems are automated. PayPal donates usually clear in minutes (except eCheques). CoinPayment donates usually clear in hours. IBAN-tranfers are handled monthly. If you feel a sudden urge to inquire about your IBAN-transfer, contact Amarth. (*) Can I get a receipt about my donation since I think I can get tax deductions or whatever with it? Sadly, no. The donates are already creating insane amounts of extra-work to the individuals working with them; think again! The bank receipt, or line on your credit card statement, is all the receipt you get. (*) I am going to donate in parts (more than one donation), how about the TP rates as I'm going over 300 Euros in total? Every donation is separate, you won't get a higher rate with the other donations unless they themselves go over the given boundaries. TPs are just a simple 'thank you' for donating, there are no special systems for them. (*) Can you donate through a VISA, Mastercard or other cards? Are such donations secure? Donations using e.g. VISA, Mastercard and American Express are possible through our online donations at Balanced Alternative Techniques r.y. uses PayPal, the leader in online payment, to process such payments. At no point does B.A.T. ry receive or store Your credit card information, only information that a payment has been issued. (*) When, what, who, with whom, how, why not? Huh?! (*) What does the tpcalc do? It uses a simple formula: +-------------------------------------------+ | 175 task points for 100 Euros | | | +-------------------------------------------+ | donations over 300 Euros | | 225 task points each 100 Euros | | | | donations over 1000 Euros | | 275 task points each 100 Euros | | | +-------------------------------------------+ Use 'tpcalc' to calculate these amounts. (*) Who should I contact if I have questions or problems with the donates? For donation-related issues, please email Please state in the subject line if the request is urgent (such as errors in the online payment transactions). You can also contact Amarth within the game. 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