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Help: Trading

Exchanging RL goods or services, or goods and services on another mud, into batmud goods or services is forbidden. Using batmud to sell or trade RL goods/services/whatever is illegal. Goods and services include, but are not limited to: - characters - equipment - pkilling - money Breaking this rule will lead to removal of your character and any other possessions that the administration may suspect have been earned illegally (for example, you gave illegally earned money to your friend who bought a castle -> castle is removed) Some examples: - You may not threaten a character with pkill etc and demand RL services in return. - You may not swap characters with someone else from some other mud. - You may not sell equipment with RL money. - You may not sell information about the mud for beer. - You may not change batmud money/eq to zombiemud money/eq. - You may not use batmud to recruit people to RL pyramidschemes or programs based on referals. - You may not sell your ugly Toyota Corolla using batmud. These rules apply to wizards as well as mortals. Also see help extortion, help multiple characters.

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