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Help: Player killer

Player killing clans ==================== Ever had a feeling that you want to challenge your fellow player? The player killing clans give you the opportunity to do so. You can choose two ways of becoming a player killer. Buy your own clan for your own ss, or join an existing clan. Whenever you buy a clan you become the Creator. You can do whatever you want, hire and fire soldiers, promote them to higher ranks, form alliances and declare wars, makes peace offerings and accept them yourself. Every clan has a ranking scale. Every member of the clan can bear 'Soldier', 'Officer' or 'Master' rank. Depending on the rank, more clan-related activities are allowed to the player in question. Ranks are to be assigned by clan masters and creators. Essentially, the competition is held among members of player killing clans. You get no points for killing a regular player. The higher the rank of the opponent is, the more points you gain by killing him or her. The standing between your clans also affects the "value" of your target. Note, that agreements between players for setting up fights, in order to promote one or another clan will be considered as cheating, and will be dealt with accordingly. Clans can form alliances between each other, helping each other in successful competitions, and gaining additional points to each other. Information about clan relations can be found in your secret society hall upon clan purchase. Whenever you purchased or joined the clan, 'clan' command will also become available for you to access/control some things related to clans. Every week top player and a leading clan are chosen and awarded. Top player killer will bear +10 to all stats bonus for the duration of the lead, top player killer clan will bear +3 to all stats also for the duration of the lead.

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