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Help: Player killing

--== Player Killing and PvP rules of BatMUD ==-- Last edited: Sun March 30 2008 by Gore Preface: These rules apply to Player versus Player (PvP) interaction in general, and is not limited only to cases where either of the player characters dies. Examples of cases where these rules apply are: killing another player, destructing gear from another player, casting harmful/annoying spells on another player, attacking another players ship etc. Player killing (PK): You are allowed to kill another player if there is a true reason behind it. A stupid reason, like someone is wearing a hat you don't like, is not a true reason. Whether a reason is good or not is decided in the end by an archwizard. Use your common sense. For example: It is not a valid reason to kill an other player just because he is ignoring you. Another example: Sometimes, you may need a certain location "clear" of any other players; you are required to show some sensibility by asking the others to leave first, before using excessive force in their removal. (There's enough examples, figure them out don't be ignorant.) Mass murdering, random kills and repeated kills will result in your removal or banishment. The basic guideline is that you are not allowed to ruin someone's mud life; sure there are times of war, but there is a fine line when it becomes just plain mean harassment. Ship combat: All ships are by default potential and legitimate targets of PvP actions. Repetedly attacking the same player's ship over and over might constitute harrassment (depending on the justification for the action), which is not allowed. Getting killed / harassed: If you are getting killed multiple times or being threatened by someone (or a group of players) without the opposing party having a clear reason for it, report it to your nearest archwizard. You may also send mail to about your situation, if needed. We do listen to cases in which the player's gaming experience is getting ruined and deal with the matter at hand. Be clear and send a proper explanation of the situation to us about what is happening (and why). If a wizard (of levels 20 to 199) zaps you or gets you killed, inform an archwizard and the case will be dealt with harsh justice (usually removal). Wizards are generally not allowed to meddle with mortals; if a wizard constantly pesters you with such as stuns, changes your character info or abuses controllable events against you, report it to an archwizard (you may use e-mail) and it will be dealt with. But remember, sometimes a honest kill may teach you the spirit of the mud, to respect your superiors and to bow humbly before their wisdom of beating the bad-seeds out of you! Good to know: Do NOT demand justice or whine UNLESS you have a clear case of "one-way" abusement to present. Because; in case you have already retaliated (and possibly sent out threats of your own) or had your friends kill your killer - you're mainly on your own in a warfare situation. We will not babysit you, be ready to face the consequences of your own actions. See also: help player_killer help extortion

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