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Help: Quests

Quests Quests provide another goal to aim for other than simply the exp/min rate. With the Bat quest system, level quests, guild quests, area quests, and more are available. You can display the quests which you have accomplished with the 'quests' command. It is also possible for you to see what quests other players have accomplished by 'finger -q '. Level quests reduce the cost of a certain level. If a level has one level quest, its cost will be halved if you finish it. If it has two level quests, each quest will reduce the cost by 1/3. You also get training points from completed quests. Training points from lqs come when you advance to quests level, areaquest points are awarded right when you are eglible for training points (at level 31). This means you have to complete the quest at lower level than the questlevel, but the training points come later, when advancing. NOTE: You _NEED_ quest 'Rules 101' to advance to level 21 You can only receive level quests if you finish them while you are at or below their level. Ie, you will not receive level quest 16 if you're level 17. However, if you do complete a quest AT its level, you can get the training points, but you will not receive the levelcost discount until your next reincarnation. NOTE: Depending on how a quest was coded, you may need to complete specific tasks in order to be credited with its completion. See `help how quests work' Most quests save over reincarnations. Guild quests do not save through reincarnation. Check the quest room to determine whether or not a quest will save. NOTE: Quests can also expire if the coder updates the quest. This may happen at login or at reincarnation, depending on how major a change was made. NOTE: The early quests can usually be soloed, but the later quests usually require a party to complete. Also, the figuring out the beginning of the quests can usually be done alone or with a small party. As soon as the leader knows most of the quest, it's much easier to get a party to finish the quest. Visit the quest room south from adv-guild for more information on the quests. Command: quests finger -q SEE ALSO how quests work, score, levels, training points

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