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Help: Races

The races of BatMUD There are 44 different races that are divided to 31 races available for everyone, 10 special races for the rebirthers and 3 player-owned races one needs an invitation from the leader for. Each race has its own characteristics and special abilities. You can access information about races in the Vax Museum (find it from the city of Arelium) or in ''. Also during the character creation or reincarnation process the information is available. All races are good in some things and not that good in others. Your race sets your natural stats and skill modifiers, which will then be furthermore affected by your choice of background, the guilds you join, magical equipment you wear... Some races need to collect more experience and other races need less. This depends on how good a race is compared to humans. Giants for example need more experience than humans, kobolds need a lot less. This is actually implemented as an 'experience rate', which dictates how much experience points you get. All races have a maximum age, once this age is reached the character is force-reincarnated with a nasty cost. The age range is wide. Each time you die your character becomes a bit older, and death is not the only thing that causes aging. The specific commands and emotes for races can be accessed with , try (for instance) 'dwarf help' to see a list of them, if you happen to be a dwarf. Some races are reserved for rebirthers. 'help rebirth' for details on that. Some races are invitation only. This means that you can't join the race unless you have an invitation from the mortal owner of the race. Note that the invitation is short-lived -- you must join the race before reboot, or the invitation is lost! ++Anipa updated by Shardik

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