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Help: Rebirth

REBIRTH ------- Rebirth is a way for the experienced players to go back to their youth, to the time when the girls were prettier (or guys handsomer), the sun was warmer and even the immortals were nice and cuddly. When you go through the rebirthing, a totally new character will be created. Just a few things will be preserved, and they are taskpoints, creation date, true age, note book, friends lists, number of rebirths and equipment which are stored in chests. You can even change your name, if you so wish. However, changing name can mean that you lose access to your cityrooms or societies. This is really a new character, so don't count on any benefits that the old character may have had. A player can only be reborn if he has sufficient amount of experience. This amount of experience is 150M for the first rebirth, 225M for the second and 300M for the third rebirth. All the experience a mortal has when he goes through rebirth is lost. However, the extra experience the player has over the rebirth limit is stored as special rebirth experience. This rebirth experience can only be used in a new rebirth. Example: A player has 180M experience and goes through 1st rebirth. He loses all his experience, but 30M of experience is stored as rebirth experience. When this player has again gained 195M (225-30) he can make a new rebirth. This also allows some players to be reborn twice. Why do this?: Being a newbie is fun! You once again gain things every day, you don't need to make exp for a week to get that 1% more dodge. Besides you get various bonuses. For example, there are races that are only for the reborn. Reborn players also receive new titles to finger messages etc. Reborn players are also not required to take as many racial guild levels as mortal players. Each rebirth reduces the needed levels by one. Why _not_ do this?: If you really don't want to start the newbie career again. Rebirth is an _option_ for players "who have seen it all". If you intend to be reborn just to increase your power, rebirth may be a disappointment. How to?: Mortis, that old smelly bugger, knows more about rebirths. Consult him. Things to do before you rebirth: Save any in game settings including your aliases, commands, settings (set show), ansi colors (ansi list), and notes. If you are changing your name you will want to give access to your pcity rooms (or ask your pcity owner for help with this) and if you have a ship you will want to change ownership appropriately, probably by giving ownership to someone else temporarily and then getting it back.

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