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Help: Reincarnation process

*************************************************************************** BatMUD Player's manual REINCARNATION ------------- The reincarnation process includes four methods you can choose from, plus one flag. The process is menu based, so you just want to get yourself reincarnated (like explained in 'help reincarnation') and then carry on from there. The three non-instant methods where you 'get your experience back' with some defined rate mean that you start at 15000 experience points after your reincarnation. After this you start killing stuff, or whatever it is you do for experience, and in addition to the experience you gain you will gain a substantially larger amount of your reinc exp back. Reincarnation methods --------------------- Instant method is where you get all your experience back on you as safe experience. This is, as its name implies, the immediate method for reincarnation. However, you will pay the highest tax on your experience as well, from 2% to 12% depending on when you last reinced. Fast method is where you get your experience back with a fast multiplier. The tax is considerable though; from 1.5% to 10% of your totals. Normal method is the average way to go, you get your experience back with a nifty multiplier, and the tax is from 1% to 8%. Slow method is slow indeed, but the tax is low as well, from 0.5% to 6%, again depending on when you last reinced. The flag is called the 'player' flag, and it only applies to the non-instant methods as it defines whether you get your experience back as 'safe' or normal. If you choose normal (which of course means that you might lose some of your precious reinc exp while making it back), your reinc taxes will be considerably lower. The flag, obviously, does not affect the reinc tax on instant method. Note: Your next reincarnation is lossless in terms of experience if you have stayed for over a year in your current incarnation. Re-reinc -------- After reinc there is a period of 4 hours, during which you can re-reinc once with low (0.5%) tax, but now you will be locked to your previously chosen method. You are given a chance however, to shake yourself free of the method you chose in your previous reinc - but that means you will also accept the high reinc taxes, as the re-reinc reduction no longer applies. The reason for this should be obvious. Reincarnation process --------------------- When making experience, you get exp at an accelerated rate as long as you have reinc exp left. The rate of gaining experience back is defined by a formula based on your total experience (see table below). At the reinc menu you can check infos for different methods, and you are told the exact tax, how much it would take off your totals, and how much experience you have to make to get all your reinc experience back. This is also an exact number. Choosing 'player' mode (no safe experience), making 15M exp back on you and dying by drowning into a river is not a valid reason for a restore. Don't even ask. An approximate table displaying how much experience you have to do with a given method... numbers are not exact! .---------------------------------------. | totals | slow | normal | fast | |--------+--------+----------+----------| | 1M | 0.2M | 0.1M | 0.05M | | 10M | 1M | 0.5M | 0.25M | | 100M | 4M | 2M | 1M | | 500M | 8M | 4M | 2M | '---------------------------------------' The numbers in the table do NOT display reinc tax! They display how much experience you have to do, to regain your totals after reincing. If this makes no sense to you, read the above chapters slowly and carefully. FAQ (because this seems to be a difficult topic) ------------------------------------------------ Dogi (newbie): is exp regained after reinc safe or not damn? - You get to choose. If it you choose non-safe, the exp tax goes down. Kal [newbie]: shardik, i might be stupid but no thing isnt explaned. Will setting player flag make reinc-tax even lower than those mentioned or are those minimums with the flag? - There are minimums for each method. Sometimes the flag may not help you much. If your tax is high (not a long time since your last reinc), the taxes will be about halved. Dogi (newbie): whats difference in exprate betwen player or normal flag? - None whatsoever. Sitan [newbie]: this new system looks to be +suck - Yep, it is a tune as well. Overlord [newbie]: hmm what if you reinc before you have gained all your exp back... do you loose it all? - Nope, you cannot lose. Kal [newbie]: if i choose slow -> 0.5% to 6%, will i only be able to get the 0,5% if i set player flag - or will tax be even lower? - 0.5% is the minimum tax. Kal [newbie]: shardik: so w/o flag i have like 1% as minimum? - No, 0.5% is still the minimum tax. Dogi (newbie): hahaha i guess you can use old good mortis :) - Sure, but he charges 20%. You get to choose the method though. Peelo [newbie]: does reinc pendant still work, so i could do insta-reinc without tax? - Yep. ** SEE ALSO reinc

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