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Posted: 30 Mar 2020 06:31 [ permalink ]
Blayke (party): fuser
Blayke (party): i need a fucking war
Fuser {party}: i can see that
Pisano {party}: we believe in you fuser
Ewige {party}: tried the middle east?
Posted: 28 Mar 2020 03:01 [ permalink ]
Fuser tells you 'you were more than right'
Posted: 21 Mar 2020 22:57 [ permalink ]
Gadgeteer Rixx tells you 'The transaction has been completed! Here is an
honourary membership to 'Nun' and 'Runemages' <Bat [1;34mMUD 30th>'
Posted: 20 Mar 2020 21:19 [ permalink ]

| Party Name: The Legend of Eronk          (Members:  9) | Exp Tot:   2355028

| Created: Fri Mar 20 13:33:18 2020        ( 7h 44m 23s) | Exp/min:      5064

Exeunt (party): what legendary deeds did eronk commit
Pisano (party): Legend has it that once a mighty warrior stood amidst our

Pisano (party): then he wanted to leave, but the people cried out, "No no
Eronk, if you leave us who will stand before the hoards of the fabled
Pisano (party): and mighty Eronk stood by us.
Pisano (party): The some hours later Eronk said, " I must leave you now."
Pisano (party): and the people cried out, "But if you leave us, who will stand
against the terrors of the Taiga?"
Pisano (party): and Eronk relented and stayed some more.
Moonglaze (party): going to be a long legend
Moonglaze (party): and I bet Xlink's mum amkes an appearance
Pisano (party): Finally Eronk said, "this time I really gotta go" and the
people said ok.
Pisano (party): The end
Posted: 19 Mar 2020 01:54 [ permalink ]
The ticket flashed as you gain the right to join The Faculte of Runemagi.
Posted: 07 Mar 2020 17:58 [ permalink ]
Diolyx (party): dimming in the next room. don't attack him
Diolyx leaves north.
Wicksius leaves north.

This trading spot seems very orderly. A large counter lies in front of you
with a sign reading:
You can buy or sell anything of value here.
Usage: 'buy item_name/index', 'sell item', 'sell all',
       'value item', 'view item' and 'list [pattern]'
Obvious exit is: south.
a trashcan
Wicksius Wintermoon the slimy Kobold pew pew < Llew Reffus >
Diolyx the Unholy Satyr < Llew Reffus > ^o^
Walmet, the dark gnoll trader of Bloodfall
Online arrives from south.
Stylus arrives from south.
Panthos arrives from south.
Magic entity arrives.
Diolyx starts concentrating on a new spell.
Diolyx (report): (Dimension door ->)
H:1267/1279 [+24] S:109/933 [+26] E:167/411 [+12] $:0 [] exp:506039 []
Panthos removes something.
Panthos shivers from the cold.
Panthos wears something.
Stylus attacks Walmet!
********************** Round 1 **********************
Stylus (party): so ive been playing this game for 25+ years
(party): Panthos raises an eyebrow.
Pisano {party}: stylus is so good
Stylus (party): and i had no idea 'attack' meant kill
Posted: 01 Mar 2020 16:53 [ permalink ]
Gadgeteer Rixx tells you 'The transaction has been completed! Here is an
honourary membership to 'Runemages' and 'Inner Circle' <Ba tMUD 30th>'
Posted: 26 Feb 2020 05:01 [ permalink ]

Xortoth tells you 'BUT MUM'
Xortoth tells you 'READING IS HAAARRDDD'
You tell Xortoth 'so it would seem'
Xortoth tells you 'dumb fuckking pineapple has already had this all explained
to him :P'
Posted: 16 Feb 2020 04:45 [ permalink ]
You are prepared to do the skill.

You bow your head and concentrate on the destructive energies you have
You are an Ultimate Reaver -- chaos and destruction made flesh!
You have 666.031% of the energy needed for this final stage.
Posted: 15 Feb 2020 05:29 [ permalink ]
Your Paingiver axe GLOWS chaotically!
Ewige's Paingiver axe GLOWS chaotically!
STRIKE TOUR completed!
You score a KILLING BLOW on Shoprobber!
You feel you have released HUGE(tm) quantities of destructive energy.
YUCH, Shoprobber's entrails spill all over the place.
Shoprobber is DEAD, R.I.P.
Posted: 09 Feb 2020 05:05 [ permalink ]
In Soviet America president Trumps you!
Posted: 25 Jun 2019 03:52 [ permalink ]
With lightning fast reflexes Stylus dives in front of Hair, blocking some of
the spell effect!

Stylus lapses into unconsciousness
Posted: 11 May 2019 17:44 [ permalink ]
'tartlett' is now aliased to 'ramjett'.
Posted: 17 Apr 2019 01:52 [ permalink ]
Posted: 07 Apr 2019 03:04 [ permalink ]
Demons can't eat... wtf.
Posted: 02 Apr 2019 00:14 [ permalink ]
Ewige tells ... and you 'eveyrbody remember when fuser promised us eq parties
in the evening? then he made us get up at 7am on a sunday and got all
Posted: 30 Dec 2018 18:55 [ permalink ]
My old nergal plan:
Nergal skills tree:

Eronk says you should play nergal to 'get full expeience of how it feels to
play without boons.'
Spread the rot.  Nergals gotta nerg.
Posted: 18 Dec 2018 04:49 [ permalink ]

Tixe looks calm and explains 'gimme gimme gimme'
Tixe concentrates and seems more ready to face the challenges of life.
Stylus says 'OI  OI OI.'
Stylus nods solemnly.
You fall down laughing.
Xortoth sighs deeply.
Stylus leaves out.
Xortoth RAGES out.
Posted: 17 Dec 2018 04:28 [ permalink ]
Pisano (party): help us ewige one kenobi
Pisano (party): you're our only habo
Stylus (party): we die
Pisano (party): years ago
Stylus (party): nice knowing u guys
Pisano (party): ewige served our father in the cologne wars
Ewige {party}: years ago?
Stylus (party): mmm
Ewige {party}: eau du toilet
Stylus (party): ewige is a sniff lord
Posted: 15 Dec 2018 05:44 [ permalink ]
You feel your insight of evolution expanding..
Viral parasites returns to you from Lurker's disease mangled corpse.
You tremble as you hear Lord Nergal himself speaking to you through the Hive:
  'Aah, You have done well to bring forth the knowledge of 'lurker'
   race. Well done young one!'
You gain new insight of 'lurker' race.
Posted: 04 Dec 2018 23:40 [ permalink ]
The vampire sinks its teeth into your neck!
It drinks your blood!
Vampire bartender exclaims 'Ick! Now I remember why I prefer the bottled
The vampire hurls you across the room.
You lose your concentration and cannot cast the spell.
You are no longer grappled.
Posted: 24 Nov 2018 18:47 [ permalink ]
Erika flaps its arms and utters the magic words (blast vacuum)
Erika hesitates as it casts blast vacuum.
Erika shudders as its blast vacuum hits itself.
Magical rifts open above Erika and hideous rays of POWER combine its spell.
::..:. Erika [Analyze: Erika writhes in agony.]
A large hole replaces Erika's face.
Erika is DEAD, R.I.P.
Erika makes a stirring sound as the parasite experiences immense pain!
Your connection to your parasite is severed completely.

This is how nergal blasters work.
Posted: 07 Oct 2018 18:44 [ permalink ]
Blayke tells you 'gnoll can be really good if you focus on spell damage'
Blayke tells you 'they really suck as offs'
Posted: 23 Sep 2018 22:40 [ permalink ]
22:39 2151341: an ancient thorny wyvern stinks of decaying life
Posted: 23 Sep 2018 16:22 [ permalink ]
You quack 'Hp: 666 (875) Sp: 1337 (2258) Ep: 464 (490).'
Posted: 22 Sep 2018 23:01 [ permalink ]
Bead Bracelet infos
Posted: 22 Sep 2018 00:19 [ permalink ]
Inside the secret horde of the Webmistress, Akhenemhet.
This is it!.. the secret horde of the Akhenemhet. This place is a large stone
chamber cluttered with cobwebs and ancient filth. Bones of long forgotten
treasure hunters line the floor. There are piles of cobweb and waste littering
the floor here.

You don't remember being here before.
You have stumbled upon an ancient and IMPOSSIBLE to find place! You have
earned 55352 experience!
Posted: 08 Sep 2018 06:24 [ permalink ]
Lead Arthas with a fun crew:

Arthas is near death (0%).
Xyloid kicks Kanis hard in the knee.
Arthas mutters the holy words (protection from evil)
Xyloid fires an arrow at Arthas.
The arrow rips a gash in the side of Arthas's neck!
A dazzling spark races along the stream of green light between Flay and
You have a new party kill option for top10!
The skull draws some power from the kill.
You feel more experienced in leading.
YUCH, Arthas's entrails spill all over the place.
Arthas is DEAD, R.I.P.
You seize the mind of the monster as it dies.
You gain detailed knowledge of how the mind works.
The magic mist around the dead Arthas's neck leaps to Tixe's Kerbholz.
The magic mist around the dead Arthas's neck leaps to Xyloid's Kerbholz.
The magic mist around the dead Arthas's neck leaps to your Kerbholz.
A new mark appears.
The magic mist around the dead Arthas's neck leaps to Smash's Kerbholz.
The magic mist around the dead Arthas's neck leaps to Kanis's Kerbholz.

Posted: 02 Sep 2018 23:16 [ permalink ]
Drifter grins as its electrocution hits Tiamat.
The sky flashes.
) trombones emerge from the
sky, playing praise song for the mighty heroes.. the Tiamat slayers!
Valkrist sings beautifully.
Drifter sings beautifully.
Gotrek sings beautifully.
Anatea sings beautifully.
You sing beautifully.
Krokodiili sings beautifully.
Pisano sings beautifully.
Ewige sings beautifully.
Alorn sings beautifully.
The Last Incarnation of Tiamat is dead.

In a flash, a hole opens in the ground; it leads down...into a dark tunnel...
iliar voice echoes in your head 'Is this the end...or just the beginning?'

Tiamat spills some of her essence.
Tiamat suddenly stops breathing and jerks a couple of times violently, then
falls to the ground, lifeless.
Tiamat is DEAD, R.I.P.
The magic mist around the dead Tiamat's neck leaps to Valkrist's Kerbholz.
The magic mist around the dead Tiamat's neck leaps to Alorn's Kerbholz.
The magic mist around the dead Tiamat's neck leaps to Gotrek's Kerbholz.
The magic mist around the dead Tiamat's neck leaps to Krokodiili's Kerbholz.
The magic mist around the dead Tiamat's neck leaps to Anatea's Kerbholz.
The magic mist around the dead Tiamat's neck leaps to your Kerbholz.
The magic mist around the dead Tiamat's neck leaps to Drifter's Kerbholz.
The magic mist around the dead Tiamat's neck leaps to Pisano's Kerbholz.
Posted: 28 Aug 2018 03:35 [ permalink ]
Kiilgore tells you 'fuckin highbie race leaders'

Bogle is a level 91 mortal of the Satyr race.
He was created Sun May 04 01:52:59 2014 and he is 305d, 14h, 29min and 35s
He was last on Tue Aug 28 03:29:31 2018 (11min and 27s ago).
He is the leader of the Satyr race.

You lead the brownie race.
Posted: 19 Jun 2018 05:07 [ permalink ]
Pisano {party}: goes
Cold ray: ####
Stylus leaves up the throne and into the skylight.
Stylus left somewhere.
Pisano is now in the 1st row.
Diolyx is now in the 2nd row.
Stylus (party): ack
Stylus (party): out
Theresa tells you 'I could perhaps resurrect thee.'
Stylus (party): fskdlnfdlnds
Stylus (party): goddamit
Ghost of Pisano {party}: :D
Stylus (party): i hit thrikhren instead of tentacle
Stylus (party): LOLOPLOLOLfsdljnfsdlnflsdkf
Diolyx (party): man.
Ghost of Pisano {party}: :DDD
Stylus (party): my get all arrow command is one letter away from 20 climb
Posted: 18 Jun 2018 05:20 [ permalink ]
You now have 'Knowledge of mental defence' at 100% without special bonuses.
Posted: 10 Jun 2018 07:25 [ permalink ]
Nostaaaanndiz says 'You sense that you are worthy of being in the Psionic High
Council. You are now allowed to enter the inner chamber.

You can hear your guildmaster Tora Arot's voice echo in your head.
'Pisano is now a member of the Psionic High Council!'

Knowledge of mental defence    |  95
Posted: 30 May 2018 05:33 [ permalink ]
An awful stench fills the room and croaking of a thousand frogs start their
cacophony. Lances of pain impale you and you know that the Lord of Pain, the
Awful One, has arrived.

Burglefloogah has appeared in here, sitting on a dais of writhing beings,
WILL! HAND IT OVER OR BE BROKEN!', the Frog God croaks. He is gone. As you
inhale some air, you notice that your lungs almost collapsed because of the
terrible stench.

Posted: 18 Feb 2018 02:34 [ permalink ]
Stylus (wanted): hot action
Stylus (wanted): ozzy's wife
Deathwish [wanted]: Stylus to retire
Pisano (wanted): deathwish to get his wish
Stylus (wanted): o snap
Mulam [wanted]: Mean
Stylus (wanted): think of all the empty ignore lists if i retire tho
Posted: 25 Jan 2018 01:58 [ permalink ]
You emote to Banba 'cheerfully waves and says 'hello' to you.'
Banba tells you 'i mean MEOW'
Banba tells you 'iger-tay ission-may'
You tell Banba 'Yea, I killed akemi'
Banba gives a thumbs up.
Banba starts concentrating on a new skill.
Banba touches you in all the right places.
Suddenly you lose all feeling from your limbs. Weird.
That really HURT!
You fall unconscious from the pain.
Banba grunts 'ill buy black roses.'
Blood pours from your wounds!
You wish your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!
Banba disappears in a puff of smoke!
You die.
Banba tells you 'Curath rewards His faithful servants'
Posted: 15 Jan 2018 17:32 [ permalink ]
********************** Round 3 **********************

Grimoor is near death (5%).
Cold ray: #
You are done with the chant.
You wave your index finger while uttering (cold ray)
You pull out a steel arrowhead which bursts into a zillion technicolour
You watch with self-pride as your cold ray hits Grimoor.
Your fingertips are surrounded with swirling ENERGY as you cast the spell.
A dazzling spark races along the stream of green light between Troile and
Grimoor spills some of his essence.
You have a new TOP party kill!
Grimoor dies in a massive pool of blood.
Grimoor is DEAD, R.I.P.
You seize the mind of the monster as it dies.
but process the knowledge for a short while.
It doesn't hurt at all!
Your thoughts still feel clear and calm.
Posted: 12 Sep 2017 06:10 [ permalink ]
A leafy hall high in the trees.
The roof of this hall is nothing but the tree boughs that are somehow made
to grow into a high vaulted ceiling.  The leaves are casting a golden light
over the entire hall.  In the middle of the hall a small fountain shaped
like a dragon taking flight with the water coming from the dragon's mouth
and falling into a silver bowl sends a tinkling sound throughout the hall.
Beyond the fountain two thrones of mithril are sitting empty.  Next to the
thrones there is a book sitting on a small table.
Above you is a warm, rolling, clear night sky. You have to brace yourself
against the strong wind. A third quarter moon hangs in the sky.
Obvious exit is: south.

Lord Quercusir stands here with his Queen
Lord Quercusir stands here with his Queen
Lord Quercusir stands here with his Queen
Lady Elberiel is gazing at the fountain dreamily
Posted: 30 Aug 2017 06:45 [ permalink ]
Angelina [runemagi]: All hail Pisano, the new Runemage Grandmaster!
Posted: 28 Aug 2017 22:23 [ permalink ]
Here are a bunch of runemages message I'm seeing while casting.

Unburdened by weapons you manage to weave the spell with greater finesse.
Your inner pool of magical energy increases.
You feel like your spell gained additional power.
You can remember the runes of the chant more easily.
You feel your previous rune chants empowering the spell!
Each chanted word resounds more than another, as you chant the final word the
resulting sound thunders in the air!

then in addition to a normal chant like this: 
You declare with a booming voice 'Brethane Anec Odae Zkalyne'!

Sometimes I see different variations on the way the rune words are written:
You declare with a booming voice '*DETROUN* Gedan *FYNDELAE* *ODAE*'!
You declare with a booming voice '*DETROUN* GEDAN *FYNDELAE* *ODAE*'!
You declare with a booming voice '*DETROUN* GEDAN <fyndelae> <odae>'!
You declare with a booming voice '*DETROUN* *Torqurea* *FYNDELAE* <odae>'!
You declare with a booming voice '*DETROUN* TORQUREA FYNDELAE *ODAE*'!

Any help/info on what all these various messages mean would be great.  One of
them, 'You can remember the runes of the chant more easily' maybe, gives half
sp cost.
Posted: 28 Aug 2017 22:19 [ permalink ]
It took about a week but I found all runes and runespells.  22 shelves is just
about right for what I want to do with runemages.  If I didn't have navs I'd
need a few more shelves.
You have found 45 runes, of which 45 are usable and of those 21 in your shelf.
B62 spells displayed. All spells found.
Posted: 20 Aug 2017 17:12 [ permalink ]
Cooking progress:
After some time, a wonderful smell fills your nostrils. A mouldy cracker is
Cooking ... 11%
Posted: 19 Aug 2017 04:06 [ permalink ]
You roll your eyes while rubbing halo and sing out (dispel evil)
The environment blurs with intense silvery light as IMMORTAL presence of Las
fills your soul. Air thunders around you as immeasurable amount of energy is
drawn in you, lifting your body high in the air. At the peak of your might you
yell in celestial trance 'MY LIFE FOR LAS!'
--- Dispel evil - Saruman. SCREAMS resist 0% [with immense power]
Holy sparks fly around you as dazzling flash erupts from your Ice cross and
strikes with immense power upon Saruman.
Red glow separates from Saruman and gets sucked into Ramjett's strange looking
Parsin utters a prayer for the fallen foe 'In nomine Faerwon. Amen.'
A large cavity replaces Saruman's chest.
Saruman is DEAD, R.I.P.
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 07:08 [ permalink ]
Sotaporsas steps out of the portal.
You cheer and shout 'WOOOOOOOOOO!'.
You feel more humble as you feed the less fortunate.
Sister Abigail, the abbess of nuns shouts, 'Behold mortals, Sister
Pisano has been promoted to elder nun'.

[Sun Aug 13 07:07:13 2017 Nun inform ]
Sister Pisano has been promoted to elder.

Abbess Abigail tells you, 'CONGRATULATION! sister. Your efforts have not been
vain and the long and hard journey you have done to get this position has
ended. The sisterhood now recognizes you as an elder nun and as a token I hand
you this fat ruler. It was used in the dawn of nuns by Sisters of Kofgaad a
long long time ago. Carry it with pride.'
Congratulations! You have just completed Path to sainthood!
You give a hard cookie to Sotaporsas.
divine overflow, core bumped.
Pisano (report): Fed a hungry soul
Sotaporsas smiles happily.
Sotaporsas eats a hard cookie.
Posted: 15 Jun 2017 07:19 [ permalink ]
Congrats! You discovered a new room!

Reaching the Dragon's Lair makes you feel more experienced.

You gain 47435 experience.
Posted: 09 Jun 2017 06:16 [ permalink ]
You cut the air with Rosary of Truth, loudly reciting (protection from evil)
Your Rosary of Truth radiates with sheer power as Stylus is surrounded by
protective holy aura.

You feel more pure and closer to Las.
Posted: 03 Jun 2017 23:48 [ permalink ]
You fume celestial force and utter the words (holy bolt)
--- Holy Bolt - Green Slaad. resists 0% (1/7) (detonating)
Surges of holy force coil around your Feather Cross forming a sparkling bolt
of divine energy. You twist your wrist and bolt hurls through the air
detonating on Green Slaad.
Holy white flames dances around you.
Old nun arrives in a puff of smoke and mutters, 'You have slain down all the
slaads within one day. Magnificent, you remind me of myself when I was at your
age. Ah, your reward, here is a key that I confiscated from a fiend. I am too
old to find out which door this key fits in.. although I have a pretty good
idea. Good luck, may Las guard your journey.'

Old nun gives you a key.

* CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed nun task 'Slaad hunt'*

Green Slaad dies in a massive fit of convulsions.
Green Slaad is DEAD, R.I.P.
You enjoy seeing your enemy in pain and are drawn toward the cold abyss.
Posted: 25 Jan 2017 17:39 [ permalink ]
Grog the Troll King fills up his cheeks with air and exhales 'krkx mar nak
grttzt gnatlnamauch'
Grog the Troll King hits Heretic, Stranger, Nepnep, you, Tumbelius, Blayke and
Anna with his killing cloud.
Stranger is dismounted!
Your master takes damage for you.
Blayke lapses into unconsciousness from severe loss of blood.
There is a fierce combat going on here, beware!
Posted: 14 Jan 2017 18:48 [ permalink ]
Kerad concentrates intensively on something and turns pale.  Only seconds
later he starts screaming in pain.
Kerad left the party.
Kerad exclaims 'to the HELL with you mortal scum!'
Kerad attacks Blayke!
Posted: 02 Jan 2017 23:38 [ permalink ]
You give the severed head of Tyranicus to King.
King Edmund says, 'The head of Tyranicus!  Thank you so very much for killing
that vile leader!  Thanks to your efforts the kingdom of Tarackia is free once
again!  Take this gift as a token of appreciation from our people.
King Edmund gives Pisano a silver medallion.
Congratulations! You have just completed Free tarackia!
You receive 69546 gold as a reward for completing the quest.
You receive 8 training points.
Posted: 11 Dec 2016 08:50 [ permalink ]
Elwynes tells you 'because i want to loot your cold wet body'
Glamdring [wanted]: str & dex pills
Elwynes tells you 'MT:D'
Posted: 11 Sep 2016 23:43 [ permalink ]
You ask Xiaxulus about cryptozoology master.
Xiaxulus buzzes 'You have enough notes on mythical creatures,
Congratulations! You have just completed Cryptozoology master!
Posted: 11 Sep 2016 21:28 [ permalink ]
Khalun grabs his chest in pain and looks at you in disbelief. He falls down to
his knees and grabs his head. A black mist forms and covers his body.

Khalun thunders 'What... my God, no.. NO! You promised me GLORY! You promised

The Warlord screams in tormented agony as the mist dissolves his flesh! After
this appalling phenomenon, a visage of a gigantic black rat appears before
you. The burning red eyes of the god stare at you and your soul seems bare.
Congratulations! You have just completed Rise of the verminkin!
You receive 42216 gold as a reward for completing the quest.
You receive 8 training points.

  I will not forget ...

With this, the visage is gone.

You hear the sound of toppling stones coming somewhere from the west!
You have a new party kill option for top10!
You gain 12666 additional experience due to the excellent leadership of
Khalun moves on to happier hunting grounds.
Khalun is DEAD, R.I.P.
Posted: 10 Sep 2016 23:54 [ permalink ]
You safely land the citadel!!!!!!!!!!

            * * * * * * C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S * * * * * *

                   -= to Lammas and Pisano =-

               -= for landing the Flying Citadel safely. =-
Posted: 08 Aug 2016 06:06 [ permalink ]
The golem suddenly looks up at Theramon.
Within moments, it has grabbed him and run him off the plank.

Posted: 03 Aug 2016 04:45 [ permalink ]
Deathwish tells you 'i want snakeman race so i can be like Pissssano'
Posted: 14 Jul 2016 05:30 [ permalink ]
(bard): Pisano reaches the final level of the guild!

Guardian <bard>: Pisano advances to level 30 (Professional bard)
Posted: 12 Jul 2016 17:25 [ permalink ]
Melody of the misadventurer: #
You are done with the chant.
You sing 'Young bard he saw, a misjustice done, he took his instrument and
pointed as a gun'
You learn the song by heart.
Silal winces while the melody descends upon him.
Posted: 21 Apr 2016 04:20 [ permalink ]
You tell Theramon 'Woman's equipment: Nothing.'
Theramon tells you 'bahahahahha'
Posted: 16 Mar 2016 04:39 [ permalink ]
Sammael tells you 'You are using 'tame mount' at 'sheep'.'
Sammael makes the sound of a sheep at you, 'Baaaa'.
You tell Sammael (*Camping*) 'thats gross dude'
Sammael smiles sheepishly at you.
Posted: 19 Feb 2016 05:31 [ permalink ]
Resin {party}: Got Heal From: (Lisp)
Posted: 05 Jan 2016 04:42 [ permalink ]
Xortoth tells you 'you are trying to say im a mormon?'
Xortoth tells you 'i think tazliel just mispelt morons'

party report Savage boy is stunned by mindseize!
Xortoth nogs wisely at you.
Posted: 05 Jan 2016 04:38 [ permalink ]
Miksa tells Diolyx, Tazliel, Pagar and you 'i do not believe in

You tell Diolyx (fighting), Tazliel (fighting), Pagar (fighting) and Miksa
'Elder is a priesthood office in the Melchizedek priesthood of denominations
within the Latter Day Saint movement, including The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).'

Pagar (party): hurt this

Miksa tells Diolyx, Tazliel, Pagar and you 'u sure it is not LSD Church?!'

Tazliel tells Diolyx, Pagar, Miksa and you 'OMG ! Barbs are all mormons !'

You tell Diolyx (fighting), Pagar (fighting), Miksa and Tazliel (fighting)

Pagar tells Diolyx, Miksa, Tazliel and you 'it is the correct choice'
Posted: 04 Jan 2016 03:39 [ permalink ]
Vampire assassin mutilates Tazliel's face with INCREDIBLE blow.
Posted: 13 Dec 2015 20:43 [ permalink ]
Elwynes tells you 'that man can be more mysterious than my wife when she
doesn't want to talk about it'
Posted: 18 Nov 2015 05:46 [ permalink ]
You tell Deathseeker 'blog pisano 60757'
Deathseeker tells you 'how many fuckin blogs do you have dude!'
Posted: 18 Nov 2015 05:45 [ permalink ]
Pisano {sales}: late night reincs, don't delay be a new you today!
Deathseeker tells you 'you should be an advertiser and make comercials...'
Deathseeker tells you 'for retarded children...'
You tell Deathseeker 'I do my best to entertain the retarded children of
Deathseeker tells you 'it worked! I AM ENTERTAINED!'
Posted: 01 Mar 2015 04:45 [ permalink ]
Made master merchant on my secondary...
Ruuben [merchant]: All hail Bogle!!! He has truly earned the rank of Master
Merchant, and built for himself an incredibly powerful toolbelt!
Posted: 22 Oct 2014 02:36 [ permalink ]
You start a play, with following players: Jester.
%Jester strides onto the stage.
%Without a word Jester pulls out three colorful juggling pins.
%Jester lazily tosses first one, then all three, in a cascade.
%A pin spins around in Jester's hand while the others are in the air.
%Jester pauses mid toss and throws a flair!
%Jester's eyes scan the crowd as you watch the three pins hang in the air for
a second.
%Jester's hand's move quickly and snatch all three pins from the air in a
clawing motion.
%Jester catches the pins and stops with a flourish.
%Jester sets the pins off to the side and pulls out seven brightly colored
silicone juggling balls.
%Jester says 'And now it begins!'
%From a complete standstill Jester begins throwing balls in a cascade from
hand to hand.
%You can barely see the blur of Jester's hands.
%Jester says with confidence, "This is easy!"
%After a few seconds the pattern begins to break up, Jester's hands unable to
keep up!
%And then it is over as the balls crash down all around Jester.
%Jester looks sad for a moment.
%Jester kicks a yellow juggling ball HARD into the audience.
%Jester mutters, "I never much liked juggling anyway."
%Jester tromps off the stage.
%Jester whispers '(a voice from off stage) hmm, I don't want to lose the
%Jester whispers '(off stage) perhaps a recitation will mollify them.'
%Jester strides back onto the stage.
%Jester shouts 'Friends, Wizards, Batmudders, lend me your ears'
%Jester whispers 'damn, no no not that one...'
%Jester makes a gurgling sound as he clears his throat.
%Jester pauses for a second to compose himself.
%Jester begins speaking in a rhythmic fashion.
%Jester says 'You will I hope forgive my lack of meter'
%Jester says 'For as I shape these words for you to hear'
%Jester says 'You must believe that bat mud terms are not'
%Jester says 'Quite what the Bard foresaw when he did craft'
%Jester says 'the words I shall recount for you today.'
%Jester says 'Without further ado I humbly present...'
%Jester pauses for dramatic effect.
%the pause seems to go on and on as if Jester is counting to himself or
something.  The effect really is quite dramatic.
%Jester shouts 'The Seven Ages of BatMud'
%Jester whispers 'with apologies to the original Bard'
%Jester whispers 'and of course he of the stringy shadows, the original bard
of Batmud, without whom I would not be the bard I am today (or any bard for
that matter).'
%Jester begins declaiming in a deep voice.
%Jester says 'All the mud's a stage,'
%Jester says 'And all the kobolds and barsoomians merely players.'
%Jester says 'They have their exits and their entrances,'
%Jester says 'And each mudder, in his time plays many parts,'
%Jester says 'His act being seven ages.'
%Jester breathes deeply and continues.
%Jester says 'At first the newbie,'
%Jester says 'Mewling and puking in the newbie channel.'
%Jester says 'Then, the whining lowbie with tzarakk steed and'
%Jester says 'Mournful cries for lost unicorn saddlebags, bleating like a
%Jester says 'On the wanted channel.  And then the freshly minted tarma'
%Jester says 'Sighing in exultation at the sudden beckoning of the exp
%Jester says 'Then the barbarian growling, "gimme corpses lemme burn"'
%Jester says 'Full of toploftiness and bearded like A man with long black
beard is lying naked on the bed,'
%Jester says 'Jealous for repu, crying and luring in quarrel,'
%Jester says 'Seeking the bubble reputation, even in the cannon's mouth.'
%Jester pauses for a moment.
%Jester says 'And then the merchant in fair round belly with coffers mithril
%Jester says 'With prices severe and beard of formal cut,'
%Jester says 'Resolute in repairs, and wise in the his kbh, and so he plays
his part.'
%Jester says 'The sixth age shifts into the lean and robed magi, with prancy
high-heeled glass shoes and a reagent pouch at his side'
%Jester says 'His youthful leggins of putrid flesh (undead) (+explore!), well
saved, a world too wide'
%Jester says 'For any but navigator transport.  His big manly voice,'
%Jester says 'Turning again toward childish treble,'
%Jester says 'Pipes and whistles in his sound.  Last scene of all,'
%Jester says 'That ends this strange eventful history,'
%Jester says 'Second childishness and the oblivion of immorting'
%Jester says 'Sans eyes, sans teeth, sans taste, sans everything.'
%Jester bows with a flourish of his cloak.
%Jester looks up in sudden realization.
%Jester whispers 'Perhaps here there is something more...'
%Jester's voice picks up the pace chanting faster and faster.
%Jester says 'For those of you who know this tale'
%Jester says 'You see that here should be its end'
%Jester says 'And yet in our fair world of bat'
%Jester says 'There lies a hidden world below'
%Jester says 'An unseen world where Wizards code'
%Jester says 'And giant bouncing bunnies breed'
%Jester says 'From forges made by GGR'
%Jester says 'I've seen the magic carrots fall'
%Jester says 'And clones they march across the land'
%Jester says 'Taunting with maniac glee'
%Jester says 'Elite the few who know for sure'
%Jester says 'What lies in wait for those who take'
%Jester says 'The final stage to wizardhood.'
%Jester bows with a flourish of his cape.
%His eyes close as Jester waits for something.
%Jester walks off the stage with all the dignity someone in a Jester's outfit
(that is way too tight!) can muster.
You stop the play.
Posted: 02 Jun 2014 07:23 [ permalink ]
Dyn [newbie]: Could anyone summon me on laenor?
Pisano [newbie]: I'll be on laenor in a few, but will take a few, sorry.
Guard shouts 'Dyn died like a DOG!'
Dyn accepts resurrect from you.
Nyriori tells you 'True fact: heaven and hell help with summoning! :P'

Posted: 24 May 2014 06:26 [ permalink ]
Hauwke [newbie]: Who the heck is pisano and why does he keep healing me?
Ilyas [newbie]: thats how he rollllls!
Hauwke [newbie]: I am not complaining but still
Pisano [newbie]: Tarmalen get a spell called heal all.
Hauwke [newbie]: Oh sweet