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…is different from most games. There are currently five types; Level Quests(lq), Area Quests(aq), Guild Quests(gq), Player Quests(pq) and Awards(aw). Each of the five types give different rewards, for example Level Quests give a reduction in the exp cost of the level in question. There are only a few rare times where one will need to accept a quest in order to do it.

For more info see the 'quests' and 'how quests work' helpfiles.

Quest: Return the amulet

Difficulty:Not Very HardCreator:Eredlin
Location:Elven village, on the far northeastern coast of Laenor.

A while ago an elven messenger rushed to Arelium. He was carrying a strange message. The message was written in an ancient elven dialect that was forgotten a long time ago, but some of the older elves in Arelium figured out that the messages was somekind of request for help. When they tried to ask from the messenger where he was from, he said something that nobody understood and pointed towards the north.

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