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…is different from most games. There are currently five types; Level Quests(lq), Area Quests(aq), Guild Quests(gq), Player Quests(pq) and Awards(aw). Each of the five types give different rewards, for example Level Quests give a reduction in the exp cost of the level in question. There are only a few rare times where one will need to accept a quest in order to do it.

For more info see the 'quests' and 'how quests work' helpfiles.

Quest: Reunite the Founders

Location:Duck Commune, on a small island in the Feathersea, on the continent of Rothikgen.

A generation ago a group of intrepid ducks set out to create an intentional community built on the basis of consensus decision-making and shared values. And thus the Commune of the Feathersea was created. But all is not well in the Commune. Gosalyn, commune leader, is sick and wishes to gather together the founding ducks for one final bonfire. She has charged her niece Jilla with the task but they won't answer Jilla's call, perhaps some stalwart adventurer can reunite the founders?

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