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…is different from most games. There are currently five types; Level Quests(lq), Area Quests(aq), Guild Quests(gq), Player Quests(pq) and Awards(aw). Each of the five types give different rewards, for example Level Quests give a reduction in the exp cost of the level in question. There are only a few rare times where one will need to accept a quest in order to do it.

For more info see the 'quests' and 'how quests work' helpfiles.

Quest: The lost troglodyte rod

Location:Troglodyte Village, far west and a bit south of Lorenchia

A tribe of troglodytes has settled in a swamp in western Lucentium. A friendly tribe most of the time, but something is not as it should be. Some of the troglodytes have turned aggressive, left the camp and become brigands on the highways close to the camp. The mayor of Lorenchia has raised concerns about this and is trying to gather a group of adventures that can investigate this further. Somehow the tribe has lost their ancient rod of troglodyte ancestors. The rod is usually placed on an altar and is a focus for troglodyte worship, but now the rod is gone and troglodytes being a race with a primitive nerve systems can't cope with that stress so some of them have turned aggressive. You have to find the rod and slay the renegade troglodytes to bring back the peace to the village.

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