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23.02.2018 2018: MUD on Steam BatMUD is soon coming to Steam. Read more
30.03.2015 25 Years of BatMUD BatMUD. A Legend of the Internets turns 25 years old on the 14th of April, 2015. Read more
01.09.2013 Blazingly fast new hardware Balanced Alternative Techniques ry ("B.A.T. ry") has renewed and enlargened its existing server farms with some rather sweet new core services' hardware. This latest investment continues to further improve... Read more
13.04.2012 A BatMUD Cosplay competition Balanced Alternative Techniques ry ("B.A.T. ry") is delighted to announce BatMUD Cosplay Competition for the second year running at ASSEMBLY Summer 2012, the famous computer festival held at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki... Read more
10.06.2011 Evolution of the legendary text game Balanced Alternative Techniques ry ("B.A.T. ry"), Finland and Mythicscape Ltd, Sweden are immensely proud to present the very latest version of our '1st generation' game client for BatMUD. Read more
31.03.2010 20 years of BatMUD BatMUD the Game, has been online and available to players on the Internet officially since the 14th of April, 1990. Over 150,000 players have frequented it since its opening. Peculiarly, BatMUD had... Read more
01.03.2009 Batclient v1.90 released What distinguishes BatMUD from the other muds and it's fantasy roleplay text-gaming and hack & slash genre is partly due to our magnificent game client as well - now in its 4th year of active development. Read more
24.02.2009 Campcon 2009 - Indiana, USA Thought we were through with camping mobs, especially after the legendary floodwaters of Campcon 10? You were wrong! Join us once again for this epic event, in the middle of nowhere.. within the United States. Read more
07.10.2008 Unique events, quests, content One core elements of BatMUD is the uniqueness of playing. While the good old grind is ever present on BatMUD, we've taken quite a different approach to even what the latest and greatest of MMOs... Read more
27.04.2008 New hardware for BatMUD Balanced Alternative Techniques ry ("B.A.T. ry") continues to invest in the growth and continuous development of BatMUD. Inclusive to the upkeep of a lasting progress is renewing the core services' hardware in... Read more
17.02.2008 Campcon 2008 - Indiana, USA The 10th consecutive Campcon will be held June 5th - 8th, 2008 in Clay City, Indiana. Held practically in the middle of nowhere in the United States. But still, flocks of mudders always arrive at location! Read more
08.02.2008 Batclient attracts players to BatMUD Through the new version release, the prime game client for playing BatMUD has reached a fully-blooded, mature level. The client is available as a free digital download for all Java enabled-platforms. Read more
19.09.2007 A second data center added BatMUD adds redundancy and reduces latency in service production & connections. Co-location of Nebula Oy in Lauttasaari raises the level of serviceability and enables us to provide better connectivity for players. Read more
21.08.2007 Strategy update BatMUD (, the now 17-year old, Finland based online Fantasy game Veteran has renewed its strategies in order to respond to the Commercial onslaught of MMORPGs of the later date; and has... Read more
09.12.2006 BatMUD: The Age of Exiles The new Realms are introduced. A project spanning a time-frame of several years in the making, is finally introduced to the players. The players start as exiles, relying on the hospitality of the inhabitants of Laenor. Read more
30.03.2006 BatMUD service enhancements BatMUD moved its servers to the new Magentasites' server hosting facility (located at EUnet, Leppävaara), which is known as one of the best server rooms available in Finland. The two 2U-sized rack servers,... Read more
23.03.2006 BatMUD Las Vegas Convention 2006 We're pleased to announce that BatMUD will be holding another convention for the year 2006 on U.S. soil. A Las Vegas Convention in Nevada! The Convention will be be held on the Columbus Day weekend. Read more
15.04.2005 BatMUD's 15th Anniversary celebration Balanced Alternative Techniques ry held an unforgettable gala on Saturday, April the 15th 2005 at the legendary restaurant Kaivohuone in Helsinki, Finland. More than three hundred guests... Read more
09.07.2004 BatMUD attending Assembly 2004 At Hartwall Arena in Helsinki during August 5th - 8th. Assembly is the largest annual demoparty, which gathers thousands of young computer enthusiasts. If you happen to be at the party site, feel free to drop by! Read more